Good business's stick around from people, spreading the word about their excellent experience. This, is what drives people to use your services. 
Our goal, is to become your go to hot tub and pool guys. We, want to be the company you recommend, to family and friends. 
Why Choose Motor City Hot Tubs:
-Reliable on-time service. 
-You can call us anytime, and guess what? We answer! You will get my personal cell number, as well as my office number. 
-Excellent Prices -Low Overhead, We're a service center, not a huge store with high overhead.
-We truly value your business. 

We have manufacture trained technicians, that  can diagnose and repair any issue with your spa, including:
PCB Boards
Chemical Maintenance 
Spa Moves & More.
We offer same day service, something our competitors can only dream of. Same day service, is the difference between a replacing blown fuse and replacing thousands of dollars in destroyed plumbing lines.

Call today, and let us become your go to hot tub guys!

Motor City Hot Tubs Service

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